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आज हम जानेंगे Samsung Air Conditioner के Error Code (Display) के बारे में, अगर आपने अभी तक हमे follow नही किया तो नीचे दिए गए follow button पे click करके हमे follow कर ले क्योकि में हर आपके लिए air conditioner से related post लाता रहता हुँ ।


E464 - IPM Over Current Overload
E461 - Compressor Not Start
E473 - Compressor Blocking
E466 - DC Link Card Voltage Error
E221 - Outdoor Temperature Sensor
E416 - Discharge Temperature Overheat
E251 - Discharge Temperature sensor
E468 - electric current sensor
E465 - compressor error
E237 - winding error of the temperature sensor

E202 - connection time (1 minute) expired
E458 - Fan Error (Outdoor)
E471 - OTP error
E467 - Compressor rotation/Wire Missing
E440 - operation condition secession Low
E441 - operation condition secession High
E469 - DC error of the voltage sensor
E462 - Trip error / PFC Over current
E554 - leak of refrigerant
E472 - zero crossing of the AC voltage
E556 - Capacity Miss-match
E121 - internal air temperature sensor is closed / cut off
E122 - evaporator temperature sensorclosed / cut off
E154 - Indoor unit fan error
E101 - connection time (1 minute) exceeded
E186 - MPI error

E101 - Indoor TO Outdoor Wiring issuse
E102 - Indoor TO Outdoor Wiring issuse
E121 - ROOM Temperature sensor error
E122 - INDOOR MID, INDOOR IN PIPE-Temperature sensor
E154 - Fan Error (Indoor)
E162 - EEPROM (Indoor motor)
E231 - Cond Temperature Sensor
E422 - EEV or Valve Close error-Self diagnosis
E470 - EEPROM Data Error (no data)
E471 - EEPROM Data Error (Main Micom Inv Micom)
E474 - Heatsink Sensor Error
E483 - Over Voltage Protection
E484 - PFC Over Load
E485 - Input Current Sensor
E488 - AC Input Voltage Sensor
E500 - Heatsink Over Temperature Error
E554 - Gas Leak Error
E163 - Option Error
E203 - Time out Comm. (Inv Micom Main Micom)
E440 - over(Heating) Error
E441 - Prohibit Operation Condition Error (Cooling)

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